LEFT IMAGE:  Ceramic candelabra photographed with an Olympus 1060 10.0MP Digital Camera. Edited by me. 

RIGHT IMAGE: This photograph was captured using a Sony DSC-HX60 camera as part of a shoot for Ceramic Room during the Halloween season. The primary objective of this shoot was to promote our 'Blue & Brown Checkered Vase.' Styling and editing by me.

LEFT IMAGE: Captured with a Sony DSC-HX60, this photograph was crafted to promote our earring collection from the year 2021. The artistic direction, styling, and editing processes were done by me.

RIGHT IMAGE: Photographed using a disposable film camera, this image features a table styled by me. The purpose of this shoot was to obtain a image for use in a giveaway on Ceramic Room's Instagram.

These photographs were captured using my Olympus MJU II film camera during a pop-up event hosted by Rotaro on Carnaby Street, London. At this event, my ceramics were showcased and made available for purchase at the Maison Commune stall.

The collaborative exhibition of Roseur x Ceramic Room was showcased at Selfridges in London in 2021. The curated collection comprised 50 vases specifically designed to complement and present Roseur's dried flowers.

LEFT IMAGE: This photograph features a ceramic piece from the 'Thorns' Collection. I chose to style this piece with neutral-colored candles, using a combination of spiral and straight elements to enhance visual interest.

RIGHT IMAGE: Captured using an Olympus 1060 10.0MP Digital Camera, this image was curated for the Ceramic Room Instagram platform. Styling and editing by me.

LEFT IMAGE:  This image was captured on my Sony DSC-HX60, it was aimed for using on socials to market the launch of Necessare body skin care range. Art Direction / styling & editing by me.

RIGHT IMAGE: This image was also taken on the Sony DSC-HX60 and was used to market our earring collection from 2021 as well as used as a stock image. Art Direction & editing by me.


This image provides glimpses of the Ceramic Room Instagram feed, accessible at @ceramicrroom. The management and curation of this account are solely undertaken by myself, demonstrating a dedicated and meticulous approach to maintaining the online presence of Ceramic Room.